B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto
Year 1996
Subtitle English sub
Status Ongoing - Current episode 44/??
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Plot B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto is a Japanese television series in the Metal Hero Series franchise. It is the sequel to Juukou B-Fighter, taking place five years after the preceding B-Fighter series. Kabuto aired from 1996 to 1997. The action footage and props were used for the Beetleborgs Metallix series.

B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto

Five years after the destruction of Jamahl, Earth has returned to peace again. The Earth Academia has become the Cosmo Academia (コスモアカデミア, Kosumo Akademia), a scientific research organization, where Takuya Kai works with Sage Guru on a new generation of Insect Armor in the event of another threat to the Earth.

B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto

This threat is realized when a Cosmo Academia exploration submarine comes across a fissure in the ocean floor, out of which rises a huge flying fortress of the ancient tribe Melzard. This clan has been resting for millennia and seeks to destroy mankind. Matriarch Mother Melzard sends her oldest sons Raija and Dezzle to lead the attack with Raija’s Elebamamoth. By then, Guru has infused the Neo Insect Armor with Insect Power, creating the three Command Voicers to link three humans with the armor. Kengo Tachibana and Ran Ayukawa, who have been selected to wear the new armor, ready themselves and become B-Fighter Kuwagar and B-Fighter Tentou

B-Fighter Kabuto

B-Fighter Kabuto

But the person to become B-Fighter Kabuto had not been chosen when the remaining Command Voicer flies out the window. Ran and Kengo follow it to meet Kouhei Toba, a star athlete at his school who is losing badly to Elebammoth who froze the boy’s sister as the last Command Voicer flies into his hand. Kengo and Ran are shocked that this high school student is to be B-Fighter Kabuto, but they go to him and teach him how to transform. He changes into Kabuto and the three of them attack Elebammoth and several henchmen, with Kabuto killing Elebammoth.

Refusing to accept defeat, Mother Melzard continues her attacks, with Raija and Dezzle working against each other in their attacks on the B-Fighters.

B-Fighter Kabuto

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moon man
6 days ago

The subtitles stop at about 6:30

Tom Leber
17 days ago

Could you please fix the subs for Episode 15?

1 month ago

Please upload more

3 months ago

You need to do a new version for episode 11 with better subtitles & it isn’t actually fully subbed it just has some subs and some commentary from the subbed. oh bring in 23 & 24 they have been subbed

3 months ago

b fighter kabuto episode 19 and 20 number is correct, but the video is in opposite following episode

3 months ago

B fighter kabuto ep 19 and 20 are not in correct place because ep 20 video is ep 19 video and ep 19 is ep 20 video in opposite place

3 months ago

Episodes 19 and 20 are switched can you fix that?

4 months ago

what zan said, i just found this site and so far its the only place i know with a full list of B-fighter but only 17 of its sequel and more shows i missed out on and too bad that they moved on to a stranger show for kids

8 months ago

make More B-fighter kabuto

Zandriel Grimm
10 months ago

Hey, I’m new to the site!
Is there any reason that this series doesn’t have the remaining episodes yet?
Any time frame as to when they might be?

Regardless, thank you for preserving these amazing pieces of history!

11 months ago

From Episode 16 to the finale if there’s no subs yet then upload the raw version instead