Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1
Year 2008
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Plot Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Ryujin Mabuyer is a Japanese tokusatsu television series. It is based on the adventures of a local hero of Okinawa Prefecture of the same name. The first season aired from 4 October 2008 to 27 December 2008 and a second season aired from 2 October 2010 to 25 December 2010.

A related series, Ryujin Mabuyer Gaiden So! Uchinā has 13 episodes that aired from 17 October 2009 to 16 January 2010. A film based on the series, Ryujin Mabuyer The Movie Nanatsu no Mabui, was released on 7 January 2012.

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Ryujin Mabuyer

Kanai / Ryujin Mabuyer is a young man who apprentices for a master clay-sculptor. In the beginning of the series, he is somewhat careless and lazy. Like most young Okinawan’s he doesn’t know about the soul of the islands and why they have certain traditions.

One day he feels very weak and consults his ‘Auntie” who tells him that he needs to recharge his soul, and helps him by chanting an incantation. This summons the spirit of Ryujin Mabuyer into Kanai’s body, and allows him to transform and fight as the hero.

Luckily this occurred just in time, because the Evilcorps (Majimun) had just arrived on Okinawa to steal all of the Mabui stones (soul of Okinawa stones) and cause bad things to happen. Ryujin Mabuyer’s armor is based on the look of a Shisa. Mabuyer’s energy attack is summoned by whistling with his fingers.

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Nirai / Ryujin Ganasea is Kanai’s older brother and formerly one with an Onihito-Devil: General of the Evilcorp (Majimun). Nirai was trapped within the body of Onihito-Devil for a long time. Eventually Kanai rescued him and Kanamie nursed him back to health.

He rediscovered his brotherly bond, and found the power within himself to become Ryujin Ganasea. Ryujin Ganasea’s armor is based on the look of a dragon. Ganasea’s energy attack is summoned by charging his arms with lightning first.

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1 – 2008

Kanamie / Ohjin Kanamie is a female god-being sent to help Kanai and later Nirai in their fight against evil. In human form she has supernatural abilities, such as energy healing, telepathy, and the ability to enchant san (a long narrow leaf with a knot, used for protection against evil). In her hero form she is better at physical combat. Ohjin Kanamie’s armor is based on a phoenix, and she is the only hero to use a tool to attack. Her Kanzashi turns into a wand with a san attached to it, and then into an uchiwa fan in order to attack with energy.

Kurea is Kanai’s love interest and the daughter of his employer. She often keeps Kanai on his toes and reminds him about things he has to do. Kurea is very popular in her town and is involved in many community activities. In season 1 Kurea does not know Kanai is Ryujin Mabuyer, but has a crush on the hero.

Ryujin Mabuyer: Season 1

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1 month ago

Can we have Ryujin Juwara next? or is that super hard to find?