Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3
Year 1975
Subtitle English sub
Status Ongoing - Current episode 10/??
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Plot Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3 is a Japanese science fiction tokusatsu television series, created by Shotaro Ishinomori and produced by Toei Company. The series premiered on Tuesday October 7, 1975, at 7:30, and ran for 38 episodes in that timeslot on NET, now known as TV Asahi. The series remains obscure outside Japan, but was popular and renowned in its home country. The series was followed by a sequel called Chojin Bibyun which used rejected designs from the Kamen Rider series as its hero designs.

Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3

The program follows the adventures of three mutant superhero-refugees from the “Akuma Clan” (“Devil Clan”, in English), a vast empire that exists below the surface of the Earth, and their efforts to stop the Akumas from attacking the surface world. The three warriors are Xavitan, a half-demon swordsman, Evil, a somewhat vain and foppish sharpshooter, and Gabra, a slow- and dim-witted strongman. Together, they make up the superheroic team of the show’s title. At the end of the series, the heroes’ bodies are destroyed, but their souls survive to be reincarnated in the direct sequel to the show, Choujin Bibyun

Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3

Akumaizer 3

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11 months ago

make em say uh na na na

11 months ago

lt was episode 38, but l only uploaded episode 10. please upload up to episode 38 quickly. thank you

#1 Akumaizer Fan
1 year ago

For those wondering for the other episodes, they aren’t subbed. Unfortunately, only the first 10 episodes subbed, I hope someone subs the rest someday.

1 year ago

where is others episode?

2 years ago

My only complain is, what about the other episodes? This is a 38 EP series! When can you put arashi?