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Zero: Black Blood  is a Japanese film duology and television miniseries, spin-off from the Garo television series. The film is split into two portions. The White Chapter (白ノ章, Shiro no Shō) which comprises the first three episodes of the miniseries, had a limited theatrical release on March 8, 2014, and the Black Chapter (黒ノ章, Kuro no Shō), the last three episodes, had a limited theatrical release on March 22, 2014. The film was also shown on Japanese cable television channel Family Gekijo as a six-episode miniseries from March 5 through March 7, 2014, with two episodes shown each night.

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Zero: Black Blood

Ray Fujita stars as the lead character Rei Suzumura, the Silver Fanged Knight Zero, reprising his role as the character from the previous television series and films. The films/miniseries explores this character who served a supporting role in the previous productions and his investigation of a joint human and Horror commune led by the Horror Ring.

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Zero: Black Blood

Zero: Black Blood is set after the events of the film Garo: Soukoku no Maryu. Rei Suzumura, Zero the Silver Fanged Knight, is patrolling on his own when he encounters the white Horror Ring, who has created a commune where Horrors and humans live together in harmony, so long as one human a month allows themselves to be devoured by the Horrors. Rei, along with Makai Priest Cain and the knight-in-training Yuna are ordered by the Makai Senate to slay Ring and free the humans under his thrall by means of Yuna’s mother the Makai Priestess Iyu.

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Zero: Black Blood

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