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Voicelugger  is a Japanese tokusatsu that aired from January 12 to March 30, 1999. It was the last production by Shotaro Ishinomori, released posthumously, who intended for the series to be serious, while it was originally written to be a parody of older tokusatsu programs. The acting cast consisted of Japanese voice actors and popular singers of music in Japanese animation.

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The evil Emperor Genbah of the Muon Empire (ムーオン帝国の帝王ゲンバー, Mūon Teikoku no Teiō Genbā) of the planet Tsedua (ツェドゥア, Tsedua) seeks to use the Voistones (ボイストーン, Boisutōn) of four children to control Demon Beast Hades (悪魔獣ハーデス, Akumajū Hādes), but his plans are foiled by Voicelugger Gold who takes the children to Earth. Years later, the now grown up children use the power of the Voistones to fight the Muon Empire and protect the Earth.

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