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Ultraman Zearth is a fictional character from the Ultra Series of tokusatsu and the name of a 1996 movie in the series. Ultraman Zearth is a parody of Ultraman. He hails from the Land of Pikari in Nebula Z95. He has a big red face and dislikes dirt, and will go to great lengths to wash it off his hands. His goal is to clean the polluted Earth. He transforms with an electric toothbrush, which is consistent with his hygiene fixation. He’s not quite adept at being a superhero, but at least he tries his best. His human form is Katsuto Asahi who also dislikes dirt like Zearth.

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Ultraman Zearth

The movies include cameos by most of the original Science Patrol from Ultraman. Arashi is a helicopter reporter. In Ultraman Zearth, Hayata is a night watchman and in Ultraman Zearth 2 he is a common citizen who tries to transform into Ultraman with a spoon, Fuji (the only woman who ever catches the Mydo plane taking off from a secret base exit, which happens to be a billboard), Ide, and Captain Muramatsu, as a fisherman. In Ultraman Zearth 2, Ide shows up as the fisherman’s son with a photograph of his dad. And finally, in Ultraman Zearth 2, we are treated to a rare cameo reappearance of Jiro Dan, none other than Hideki Go from The Return of Ultraman as a telecast reporter on TV.


Ultraman Zearth

The second movie features “Digital Kanegon”, which is a take on the original Kanegon from Ultra Q. It also features Kohji Moritsugu as Captain Ban Satsuma. The running joke is that he frequently lets slip that he knows that we in the audience know that he’s Mr. Moritsugu/Dan Moroboshi/Ultraseven. He says “Natsukashii!” when he sees Capsule Monster Miraclon. At the end of the movie, he also nudges Katsuto and tells him he’ll have to teach him the heel drop sometime, which implies that Dan knows that Katsuto is really Zearth.


Ultraman Zearth

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