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Ultraman R/B  is a Japanese tokusatsu superhero television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions. It is the 30th entry to the Ultra Series overall and the last entry to the series released in the Heisei era. It aired on TV Tokyo on July 7, 2018.

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Ultraman R/B

The series’s main catchphrases are “This is the story of us, brothers. Starting out as Ultraman.” (これは俺たち兄弟の物語。ウルトラマン、はじめます。, Kore wa oretachi kyōdai no monogatari. Urutoraman, hajimemasu.)and “Color me with your powers! R/B!!”

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Ultraman R/B

The series takes place in Ayaka City, a jōkamachi-themed city that is funded by the mega corporation Aizentech. During the 15 year-anniversary of their mother’s disappearance, Minato siblings Katsumi and Isami were rescued by the R/B Gyros from Grigio Bone’s attack, transforming them into Ultramen Rosso and Blu. True to the show’s theme of “bonds” and “love”, the brothers face their emotions with allies and against enemies, realizing important things they tend to take for granted.[1][2] Although both siblings collide against each other, they willingly cooperate when fighting against opponents.

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Ultraman R/B

In the middle of the series, the perpetrator behind the monster attack was revealed to be Chereza, an alien who inhabited the body of Makoto Aizen to obtain the means to become an Ultraman, thus transforming into Ultraman Orb Dark. Unfortunately this doesn’t last long as Saki Mitsurugi orchestrated his downfall and deposed Makoto to become the new president of Aizentech. With the Minato brothers obtaining the means to fuse into Ultraman R/B, Saki reveals herself as the youngest sister of a trio of siblings who died protecting the Earth, and her objective is to defeat Reugosite in hopes of avenging her fallen brothers, former namesake users of Rosso and Blu.

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Ultraman R/B

In the middle of Saki’s conflict with Minato brothers, Mio Minato returns from her disappearance and helped turn Reugosite into a R/B Crystal and at the same time tried to stop the Minato brothers from becoming Ultramen in order to prevent their incoming deaths. Unfortunately Saki’s determination to destroy the monster with the planet as a giant bomb foil Mio’s plans and thus releasing Reugosite in its corporeal state. With Earth nearing its explosion, Mio plans to banish Reugosite and herself into an alternate dimension until the Minato siblings interfere, with Saki sacrificing her life to defend them. Having learned her extraterrestrial origin, Asahi becomes the Makoto Crystal and sacrificed herself to destroy Reugosite by empowering Ultraman R/B. In aftermath of the battle, Asahi was revived as the Minato family went back to their normal lives.

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Ultraman R/B

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