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Title Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy Category English Sub Series Ultraman Episodes 21 Episodes Type Series Format File MP4 Year 2004

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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy  is a 2004 production, and the 17th installment in the Ultra Series that was broadcast in Japan in 2004. It is a remake of Ultra Q, the first installment of the Ultra Series. It retains the same swirling effect for the title card, but with the words “Dark Fantasy” added underneath,

2004 Ultra Q Dark Fantasy 11

Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

the title also remains black and white. The final episode confirmed this is not a sequel; rather, it is another timeline in which the original series is portrayed as a television show.

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Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy

  • Goichi Sakamoto (Yoshihiko Hakamada): A journalist for Global Magazine’s subdivision, MIND Magazine. It covers everything, including the paranormal. Though he is considered eccentric, he is an expert journalist and is good with computers. Ever since he first joined, the magazine’s sales have increased at an astronomical level. He was formerly a student of Watarai, and still retains contact.
  • 2004 Ultra Q Dark Fantasy 17
  • Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy
  • Ryo Kusunoki (Kumiko Endo): A 25-year-old freelance photographer who also works for MIND. Though she appears to hate Goichi, she actually respects him a great deal.
  • Kakunoshin Watarai (Masao Kusakari): A 54-year-old inventor, and a professor of science at Teito University. He spent some years in Britain, where he found his craving for biscuits and tea. He is knowledgeable in many topics, especially science, history, mythology, and folklore.
  • 2004 Ultra Q Dark Fantasy 7
  • Ultra Q: Dark Fantasy


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