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Pacific Rim: The Black is an upcoming animated series produced and distributed by Legendary Television Studios and Polygon Pictures in association with Netflix. Pacific Rim: The Black follows siblings Hayley and Taylor, who learn to pilot an abandoned Jaeger in a post-apocalyptic Australia overwhelmed by the Kaiju. The series was originally greenlit for two seasons with a 2020 release before it was pushed back to 2021. The first season debuted March 4, 2021.

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Pacific Rim: The Black

Kaiju have taken over the continent of Australia. The Pan Pacific Defense Corps have initiated Operation Blackout: The evacuation of civilians and personnel from Kaiju-compromised areas. All Jaegers and Shatterdomes have been destroyed or buried to avoid compromise. After rescuing civilians from a Kaiju attack, Rangers Brina and Ford Travis leave to find help in nearby evacuation cities.

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Pacific Rim: The Black

Five years later, their children, Hayley and Taylor, discover the buried PPDC base Shadow Basin, which houses the Mark-3 Jaeger, Atlas Destroyer. Atlas Destroyer is a decommissioned training Jaeger with no weapons, left behind during the PPDC’s evacuation.

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Pacific Rim: The Black

Activating Atlas Destroyer draws the attention of a Category IV Kaiju, Copperhead, who destroys their safe haven, and kills the survivors they lived with. With no options left, they use Atlas Destroyer to begin the search for their parents. The search is met with multiple setbacks. While searching for for a power cell, Taylor and Hayley meet a boy trapped in the basement of the PPDC Recruitment Center.

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Pacific Rim: The Black

Following a close call with a Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid and several canine Kaiju, they meet Shane and Mei in Bogan. The siblings battle the Kaiju Copperhead throughout their journey. A showdown with the Kaiju-Jaeger Hybrid, Apex, reveals remnants of the Hybrids. “The Sisters” that were referenced by Shane, are revealed alongside the revelation of the Kaiju Messiah.

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Pacific Rim: The Black

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