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Kamen Rider Zero-One: What Will Pop Out of the Kangaroo? Think About It by Yourself! Yes! It must be me, Aruto!  is a Hyper Battle DVD of Kamen Rider Zero-One, featuring Kamen Rider Zero One Hopping Kangaroo form, the Hopping Kangaroo and Trapping Spider Progrisekeys.

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

Jin was seen drawing three different pictures of Magia: Vicarya Magia, Gaeru Magia, and Onycho Magia, as well as three different pictures of fusion Magia with the intention of wanting to be friends with them. When Jin tried to bring Vicarya, Gaeru, and Onycho Zetsumerisekeys to mix them up, Jin stumbled and three Zetsumerisekey was dropped into cables as the Ark started to reacting and fused the three Zetsumerisekeys into one unknown Zetsumerisekey.


Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

When Aruto and Izu were walking together, Aruto then stopped as he saw Boketarou Tendon, a Comedian-Type Humagear alongside with his human partner. Aruto then remembers his time as a comedian with his friend while Izu also remembers that Aruto’s friend stopped being a comedian after he didn’t like Aruto’s Jokes and left him. Izu then asked Aruto about the meaning of “comrade” as Aruto explains to her that “comrade” is a friend who supports your heart and soul.

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

While Izu asked Aruto again about his comrades, their conversation was stopped as Boketarou was hacked by Jin while putting the unknown Zetsumerisekey into Zetsumeriser, but Boketarou instead transforms into Vicarya Magia and tried to attack his human partner.

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

Aruto transforms into Zero-One to do battle, however, it goes rather poorly as his attacks do not phase the Magia. Upon recalling his previous battle with this Magia, Aruto requests the Flaming Tiger Progrise Key. However, Izu discovers that the suitcase that the Progrisekeys should be is filled with various other items and none of the Progrisekeys are within it. Upon further checking, Izu dejectedly admits that she accidentally brought Jun’s suitcase in place of the Progrisekey suitcase. Thanks to the lack of means of fighting the Magia, Zero-One is easily defeated. The Magia then suddenly transforms into Onycho and fleeing, with an amused Jin following him.


Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

Back at Hiden’s office, Izu reports that she’s unable to contact Jun, with Aruto claimed that he must be visiting another sauna, which Izu affirms after checking his route. Burdened with guilt, Izu apologizes to Aruto and attempted to dismantle herself using a big spanner as a form of atonement. A panicked Aruto stopped her and suggests to find a way to deal with the Magia first.

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

Izu then immediately request Zat to create a new Progrisekey to counter the Magia’s transforming ability. However, Zat cannot process the request because apparently the transforming ability is an unknown variable, thus it cannot create a proper Progrisekey to counter it. Aruto, irritated by the sudden development, starts hitting the 3D printer arms while asking to create the Progrisekey by his memories, in which Zat declares that Aruto’s wish is an Unknown Query. Izu states that Humagears cannot read a human memory, much to Aruto’s annoyance as he keeps hitting the arms. Suddenly, Aruto was electrified by the arms, causing the items on Aruto’s office to start flying, save for Izu. Suddenly, a book about Australia, with a kangaroo on its cover, was flying to the 3D printer. Zat then immediately creates a Progrisekey based on the kangaroo image.

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Kamen Rider Zero-One Hyper Battle

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