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Kamen Rider 4 alternatively designated Shocker Rider 4, was a cyborg created by Shocker. He was the fourth Kamen Rider following Kamen Rider 3 and the original Double Riders, Kamen Rider 1 and Kamen Rider 2. Created to accompany the appearance of Rider 3, who originated in the manga Kamen Rider: Rider 3 vs. The Demon of General Black, in the movie Super Hero Taisen GP: Kamen Rider 3Icon-crosswiki.png, Rider 4 appeared in a DVD special accompanying the film’s release.


Kamen Rider Yongou

Kamen Rider 4 was shown after credits when Shocker revealed that the failure of Kamen Rider 3’s attack was not the end of their plans to use the History Modifying Machine and conquer Earth.

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Kamen Rider Yongou

Kamen Rider 4 was born as a plan when Shocker scientists recovered the functioning remains of the History Modifying Machine and began messing with the machine. As they did, they trapped the present in a temporary timeloop in an alternative timeline, one where Mach was alive even after the events of Shocker’s previous attempt with the machine. As Kamen Rider Drive sacrificed his life to save Mach in the third time loop, and another time loop started, Kamen Rider 4 was near completion, his Sky Cyclone waiting for him in another hangar. Deathmatch! The Kamen Rider Died Three Times!!

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Kamen Rider Yongou

During the climax of their fight, Kamen Rider 4 clashed his Rider Kick against Kamen Rider Drive Type Formula’s Formuladrop, which he had initially blocked with his own Rider Kick, but Drive broke the clash by twisting his kick as so he went airborne while 4 hit the ground, his leg damaged when he stood back up. When Drive came back down to resume his Formuladrop, 4’s leg was too damaged to attempt another Rider Kick clash, and resorted to clashing it with a Rider Punch. Despite the power, the Rider Punch was snuffed out, and Drive was pushing 4 back. Drive resorts to throttling Shift Formula 5 times, then an additional 3 times after ignoring some warnings from Krim, finally overwhelming 4 and destroyed him.


Kamen Rider Yongou

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