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Kamen Rider J is a 1994 Japanese tokusatsu superhero movie produced by the Toei Company and loosely based on their Kamen Rider Series.


Kamen Rider J

As part of the media franchise’s 40th anniversary, J was shown on Toei’s pay-per-view channel in September 2011. The film’s protagonist, Kamen Rider J, appears in the film versions of the Kamen Rider Decade television series (most notably in the climax of All Riders vs. Dai-Shocker, where he enables the heroes to defeat the film’s antagonist. He is also a playable character in the 2011 Nintendo DS video game, All Kamen Rider: Rider Generation


Kamen Rider J

After conducting a praying ceremony, the three oldest children of the alien Fog Mother hunt for an ideal human to feed to their newly hatched siblings. They find Kana, the young friend of environmentalist reporter Kouji Segawa, when he is investigating pollution at the lake. Protecting Kana from the villains as they escape, Kouji is thrown over a cliff by the reptilian Agito and dies; Kana is taken by the insectoid, Zu.

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Kamen Rider J

Kouji is resurrected by the Earth Spirits as Kamen Rider J to fight the Fog Mother with the Earth Spirits’ emissary, Berry, as his guide. With Fog Mother sensing Kouji’s presence, Agito tries to finish the job and is killed by J. Kouji enters the Fog Mother’s domain, facing Zu in her true form. J kills Zu as they crash into the fortress which is Fog Mother.

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Kamen Rider J

After Zu dies, Kouji learns about Fog’s intention to let her new brood devour humanity as Garai completes the ritual, sends Kana to the hatching chamber and manhandles Kouji. Berry intervenes to free Kana from Fog’s spell before he is struck down by Garai; Kana is sent down to her death, and Fog Mother begins attacking a nearby city to prepare for her children’s awakening.

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Kamen Rider J

J fights Garai in his true form (Cobra Man) in a heated battle. After he kills Garai, J is digested by Fog Mother as he tries to save Kana. Absorbing the life energy around him, J kills Fog Mother’s newborn offspring, escapes from her bowels and assumes the Jumbo Formation. After ripping Kana out of Fog Mother, J kills the monster. Escaping Fog Mother’s destruction, Kouji brings Kana to a peaceful place as Berry watches from a distance.

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Kamen Rider J

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